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About our brand

Firstly, lets start with a "Did you know"

Did you know that the collective noun for giraffes is unique in the way that whether they are a moving or stationary group the nouns are different. Yes.

If the group of giraffe are stationary, we call them a tower. Makes sense, standing tall among the sky, doesn't it? If the group is moving, we call them a journey. Which also makes sense because they are on their way, somewhere.

Now that the background information is out of the way, we would like to talk a little bit about our company slogan, as the true objective which makes Kennedys on Safari unique from all the other travel planning companies. Our team has travelled and worked in many destinations on the African continent, and during their journeys, found what is generally known as the "hidden gems", most of which are too special not too share. So it came, a truly devoted travel company who provides their travellers with experiences that cant be chosen from the shelf. Experiences which are home grown, cultivated and hand picked especially for you, the traveller.

Hence our slogan :

"Inspiring journeys along roads less travelled"

When brainstorming began, amongst friends and co-journeyers we couldn't help get caught up in the fact that we wanted to inspire such things....and what better way to show that then to include a journey in our logo, and on our brand. We understand that most people wont get it immediately, but we wish to share that journey with them too, the realisation of how giraffe became the centre piece and key idea behind our brand!

Since introducing the idea - the brand has learnt and developed many things from the giraffe, and its affiliation to the African Safari scene, the age old images of the journey of giraffe along the sunsets horizon. It's too perfect, the analogy of the strength in this gentle giant, how they tower (excuse that pun!) above the rest of the plains game, afraid of only the bravest predators. The power within their neck to completely break their male opponents when fighting for their female companions, or simply the territory which habits the most succulent acacias.

That's right, giraffes mainly feed on the prickly, thorny acacia trees, found mostly in an African Savannah, these trees provide all the nutrients our tall horses require to thrive. It's hard to imagine the delicacy needed to weave their 30cm long tongue through the ambush of thorns surrounding the luscious green leaves they need to devour. Nonetheless being careful and courageous the giraffe tackles the branch and finds food for himself, a very large body at that.

We hope this has brought a further insight into the brand, it is still growing and so many things will come to light in the years to come - and we hope our brand evolves with whatever may come up! Kennedys on Safari is pleased to be an innovative and avant-garde company, with a genuine will to make their story unique, throughout the journey..wherever it may lead.

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