The Kennedys

If I have ever seen magic, it has been in Africa
- John Hemingway

Drawing inspiration from where they have been and what they have seen along their many travels, Kennedys on Safari was founded to share these experiences with fellow travellers, across the globe. Encouraging people to take the roads less travelled, finding places and experiences unique to their own dreams. With Dustin from Zimbabwe and Kaila, a South African their heart and home lays somewhere between and their inspiration for the journeys come from their privilege of seeing truly hidden gems across the African continent.

Dustin Kennedy

Dustin has a considerable background in Hospitality, operations and management. Working in some of the most elite hotels and lodges during his career. His personality screams for people, and his willingness will always please them. Dustin has decided to pursue his career by building Kennedys on Safari into the specialty travel and tours company it aims to be.

Kaila Kennedy

Kaila has come from a background of sales and marketing and has built many contacts throughout the industry. Also working briefly in operations Kaila understands the background effort which goes into making a guest stay as perfect as possible. Kaila is currently pursuing her own career in tour operating, whilst allowing Dustin to take their founded business, Kennedys on Safari, to new heights.

Marley Kennedy

Born in 2016, “Bob” is the virtue of Dustin & Kaila.

Her openly inquisitive mind has been partially the encouragement of Kennedys on Safari. Relating the same desires which Marley has - to find new things, explore new areas and enjoy the playful and stress-free life of a kid growing up in a place as beautiful as Africa.

In time, Marley will become part of the company too – hosting families who travel with Kennedys on Safari, sharing marshmallows around the evening campfire, mornings at school, or playgroups with local friends, pointing out the spore of the elephants who cross dirt roads and teaching her worldly fellows about her privileged upbringing, here on the African Continent.

....and so this trio forms Kennedys on Safari, a travel company devoted to encouraging journeyers to places which are less known to travellers. The Kennedys look forwards to inspiring many travellers, from every corner of the earth, to join them on adventures which will not only create unforgettable memories but will change their perception of travel all together.